The Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami, Florida


Memories / Memorias
June 17, 2017
Family History Fair
West Dade Regional Library - Miami, Florida
Lourdes del Pino and Martha Ibanez Zervoudakis
Grisel Choter, Genealogy Librarian
Miami-Dade Public Library's Main Library
Miguel Ascencio (Director of the Digital Library of the
Caribbean at FIU),
Janice Mc Kay (President of the Genealogical Society of Miami), 
Lourdes del Pino, Martha Ibanez-Zervoudakis and Grisel Choter 
Grisel Choter, Martha Ibanez Zervoudakis,
Lourdes del Pino and Miguel Asencio
Martha Ibanez Zervoudakis presenting "First Steps to Tracing 
Your Cuban Genealogy"
June 10,  2017
CGC Summer Meeting
FIU's Green Library
Congratulations to Marisela Soto for achieving her 2nd set of Florida Pioneer Descendant Certificates for St. John's County and the state of Florida! 
Marisela with CGC Vice-President, Lourdes del Pino, and CGC President, Mariela Fernandez
Marisela receiving her Florida Pioneer Descendant pin from CGC President, Mariela Fernandez
April 29,  2017
CGC Spring Meeting
FIU's Green Library - Special Collections