The Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami, Florida

Memories / Memorias

April 10, 2010
Alvin Sherman Library's 3rd Annual Genealogy Fair
Davie, Florida
The CGC had an Exhibitor's Table in the main Atrium as well as a Lab on the First Floor
for a break-out session presentation later on in the day
Exhibitor's Table
Journal Editor, Eduardo Ramos, (L) and 1st Vice-President, Jorge Flores, (R) assisted participants during the Fair
CGC Participants (L to R)
Member Fran Dellunde McIntyre, Director Mariela Fernandez, Member Amalia Samoylenko, Director Martha Ibañez Zervoudakis and visiting Jewish genealogist, Deena Moss
Directors (L to R)
Jorge Flores, Mariela Fernandez,
Martha Ibañez Zervoudakis and Eduardo Ramos
Examples of Ancestor Charts brought in by Martha and Mariela
Martha Ibañez Zervoudakis during the Break-out Session
June 12, 2010
Florida International University - Miami, Florida
DNA for Genealogy - Presented by Ed Elizondo
October 30, 2010
Florida International University - Special Collections Department
General Meeting
CGC Members Fernando Gonzalez, Toni Bernardino,
Jose Vildosola and Teresa Sardiñas
CGC Member, Marie Zaret, with the Dept. Head of the Special Collections (and CGC friend) Vicki Silvera
CGC Secretary and Webmaster, Martha Ibañez Zervoudakis
(on right), sharing family stories with newly reacquainted cousins
CGC Vice-President: Jorge Flores