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Transcriptions from Newspapers/Magazines

These files and articles were transcribed from newspapers/magazines.
This is an ongoing project. More files will be added as they are transcribed.
Please view our database page entitled "Civil Registry" for birth, marriage and death entries found in Cuban newspapers.

Memorias de la Sociedad Economica de la Habana - Gaceta de La Habana - Sept. 1844
The Sociedad Económica de los Amigos del País de la Habana or Real Sociedad Patriótica de la Habana (est. 1792 or 1793) was initially organized to promote agriculture, commerce, education, and industry, modelled on the Sociedad Económica de los Amigos del País in Spain. In its early decades the group produced publications, maintained a library in the Convento de Santo Domingo (1800-1844), and arranged educational programs. Around the 1790s the group built the Hospicio o Casa de Beneficencia in Havana.
Contribuyentes a la Iglesia de Monserrate en La Habana - Gaceta de La Habana - 23 Mayo 1848
Panaderos de Intra Muros - Gaceta de La Habana - 24 Mayo 1848
Licencias Solicitadas en la Habana - Diario de la Marina - Mayo 1869

Tenerife - Canary Islands
Diario de Tenerife : periódico de intereses generales, noticias y anuncios
Soldados Repatriados de Cuba - 17 Feb 1899, 6 Mar 1899, and 21 Mar 1899

Arquitectura - Revista Mensual - Colegio de Arquitectos de La Habana