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Licencias de Embarque

Licencias de Embarque a la Isla de Cuba (1801 - 1835) 
Archivo General de Indias               
Expedientes sobre licencias de embarque de personas seculares y eclesiásticas a la isla de Cuba,
despachados por el Consejo de Indias. 
Signatura Individuals in File Year(s) Comments
Ultramar,326 95 1801/1803   
Ultramar,327 156 1804/1811  
Ultramar,328 80 1812/1813 Lista de pasaportes desde diciembre de 1813 a 26 de febrero de 1814
Ultramar,329 111 1814/1816  
Ultramar,330 64 1816  
Ultramar,331 85 1816  
Ultramar,332 52 1817
Meses de enero-abril, con lista nominal de todo el año./ Seculares - Numeros 2 - 50 / Eclesiásticos - Numeros 51 - 53
Ultramar,333 65 1817  
Ultramar,334 65 1817  
Ultramar,335 87 1818  
Ultramar,336 83 1818  
Ultramar,337 96 1819  
Ultramar,338 95 1819  
Ultramar,339 192 1820  
Ultramar,340 132 1821/1822  
Ultramar,341 94 1824  
Ultramar,342 50 1824  
Ultramar,343 94 1825  
Ultramar,344 95 1825  
Ultramar,345 101 1826  
Ultramar,346 101 1827  
Ultramar,347 83 1827  
Ultramar,348 103 1828  
Ultramar,349 111 1828  
Ultramar,350 105 1828  
Ultramar,351 78 1828  
Ultramar,352 80 1829  
Ultramar,353 77 1829  
Ultramar,354 72 1829  
Ultramar,355 88 1829  
Ultramar,356 82 1829  
Ultramar,357 65 1829  
Ultramar,358 83 1830 Carta de Francisco Dionisio Vives sobre permanencia en la Habana de Antonio Díaz Galguera, José Diaz Galguera y Manuel Díaz Galguera.
Ultramar,359 96 1831  
Ultramar,360 116 1831  
Ultramar,361 132 1832  
Ultramar,362 95 1832  
Ultramar,363 97 1832  
Ultramar,364 100 1833/1835  
The pages contained in these files can number between 6 through as many as 30 for EACH PERSON. These files represent 3,656 persons that applied for passports to travel to Cuba!
Our president, Mariela Fernandez, reviewed the above files and created a Name Index. Without this index, researchers would have to access each individual folder on PARES, scan for the ancestor's name and then search for the file. Thank you, Mariela, for such a time saving tool!
Directions for Accessing the Database and Locating the File on PARES

•Click on the Name Index (above) for the desired name - Don't forget to note the "Signatura"

•Go to PARES -

•Select the menu option (menu tab) Búsqueda Avanzada (Advanced Search).

•In Filtro por Archivo (Archive)

  • Use the drop-down menu (down-arrow) and choose Archivo General de Indias
  • You will then see two menu areas instead of one: Archivo and Fondo.
  • Leave Fondo as Todos (All)

•In Filtro for Signatura (Exact Reference)

  • Type the signatura you found in the space provided. NOTE: do not leave spaces between words, numbers and commas. (ie: Ultramar,363)

•Select the button next to Búsqueda por Signatura incompleta (Search by Incomplete Reference).

•Click on Buscar (Search) at the bottom of the page.

•The search results window will appear noting the archive (ie: Archivo General de Indias) and a file name - Ultramar

•Click on Ultramar

•A search results window will appear. It will say: "Resultados de la búsqueda en el (Archive name), dentro de (file name)" - Below that will be the files for the individuals in that file. On the far right hand side of the page, you will see a camera icon.

Click on the camera icon. You will be connected to the images of that file.

•You will now be taken to a page with the file for that individual. If you wish to go back at any point in your search/browsing DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON ON YOUR BROWSER!! Use the yellow "Atras" button on the upper right hand corner of the page.